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Course Brochure

Course Brochure

  • Certified Lead Auditor ISO 31000 Risk Management System
19 Aug 2018
18 Aug 2018


In this world, where any sort of organization which are involved in the operations, development or else may face issues and problems during execution and there are so many Internal and External factors are influences which make it uncertain due to any uncertain happenings. These sort of effects which effects the organizational objectives or goals called “Risk”.

Therefore, all activities and process are under threat whenever they would not achieve their goals and these risk are very important to identify, analyze and evaluate very appropriately by using the methods or treatments Risk Management System. Throughout this process, they communicate and consult with stakeholders and monitor and review the risk and the controls that are modifying the risk in order to ensure that no further risk treatment is required. This International Standard describes this systematic and logical process in detail.

In-fact, all organizations manage risk to some extent, where ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards establishes a number of principles that are needed to be satisfied to make risk Management effective. This International Standard recommends that organizations develop, implement and continuously improve a framework whose purpose is to integrate the process for managing risk into the organization's overall governance, strategy and planning, management, reporting processes, policies, values and culture.

Risk management system can be applied to an entire organization, at its many areas and levels, at any time, as well as to specific functions, projects and activities.

Although the practice of risk management has been developed over a period of time and within many sectors in order to meet diverse needs, the adoption of consistent processes within a comprehensive framework can help to ensure that risk is managed effectively, efficiently and coherently across an organization. The generic approach described in this International Standard provides the principles and guidelines for managing any form of risk in a systematic, transparent and credible manner and within any scope and context.

Every sector or application of risk management brings with it individual needs, audiences, perceptions and criteria. Therefore, a key feature of this International Standard is the inclusion of “establishing the context” as an activity at the start of this generic risk management process. Establishing the context will capture the objectives of the organization, the environment in which it pursues those objectives, its stakeholders and the diversity of risk criteria – all of which will help reveal and assess the nature and complexity of its risks.

3D EDUCATORS offers the course of Risk Management System, which is comprehensively covered the Risk Management Plans and its method of assessment. Further, It’s based on ISO 31000. The course leads to ISO 31000 Lead Auditor Risk Management System through PECB Canada.

Trainer Profile:

Mr. Zulfiqar Dhakan
Masters in Philosophy and Progressing (Ph.D), Environmental Sciences, 2016 - 2018
MBA, Project Management,
Masters of Engineering (Chemical),
Bachelor's Of Engineering,
Accredited Trainer ISO 9OO1 QMS PECB Canada
Accredited Trainer ISO 22000 FSMS PECB Canada
Accredited Trainer ISO 14001 EMS PECB Canada
Accredited Trainer OHSAS 18001 PECB Canada

More than 35 years of professional experience in QHSE, HACCP, GMP & Project Management, where Participated in the several QHSE and Energy audits and Member of Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, Ontario Safety League, American Society of Safety Engineers, American Society of Quality. Further Lots of International Training has been taken and given to various organization and be a part of consultant as well. Further he has been engaged with us as trainer and consultant for last 10 years.

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ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager Training and Certification from Accredited Body PECB Canada

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USD 450



"The Pr-requisites of the course; A fundamental understanding of ISO 31000 and comprehensive knowledge of audit principles.

The participants should have five years or 300 Man Hours of Professional Experience to get the PECB Certification


  • Auditors seeking to perform and lead to ISO 31000 Lead Auditor certification audits
  • Managers or consultants seeking to master a ISO 31000 Lead Auditor audit process
  • Individuals responsible for maintaining conformance with ISO 31000 Lead Auditor Risk Management System requirements
  • Technical experts seeking to prepare for a ISO 31000 Lead Auditor Risk Management System
  • Expert adviser in ISO 31000 Lead Auditor Risk Management System


In early decades of 20th century, to get the Job in open market is not the problem and every person after their graduation may have got the job in very easiest way. But in the 21st Century, it is a big task to first get the Job and after getting the job,it is more difficult to retain and upgrade your jobs. Now there is only one solution to retain and get the jobs in the professional market is to have the international certifications. 3D Educators is one of the training and development company that helps to develop and enhance your career and to provide the opportunity to train & update yourself according to market and its requirement.


We at ”3D EDUCATORS” is a Partner Organization of PECB CANADA Check Here and offering the Lead Auditors, Lead Implementers Training Programs. After Final Examinations through PECB, the candidate will award the LEAD AUDITOR tag with him and able to conduct audits through PECB.


Any Risk Management (RM) accreditation should support a claim that an accredited person is a Risk Manager who has acquired the skills and methods necessary to do the job in a professional manner.

Therefore, the accreditation body would be any one, if the person should have the complete set of knowledge of the particular domain then S/he Should be settle at any organization with full strength and make his own place in that organization. Rather than with the above discussion the Final Certification Shall be awarded by PECB CANADA, after examination, where 3D-EDUCATORS is working as Partner Organization.


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Course Brochure

Course Brochure

  • Certified Lead Auditor ISO 31000 Risk Management System


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